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Saturday, March 24, 2007
How bout that.

I have decided to try livejournal instead.


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Saturday, March 17, 2007
Zouk & Phuture

Ohwell, I know it might seem a lil weird, but i went for my first clubbing trip on Wednesday.

And so, I met up with Val and Clarice to cab down to Jin's place to put our stuff and get prepared before headin down to Zouk. We spent quite some time at her place getting ready, chatting, checking results, takin a few pics and actual plan was to have dinner at somewhere nice but it was kinda late so we decided to go to somewhere near Zouk instead.

Had dinner at the coffee shop opp Zouk, which sells really nice Hokkien Mee/ Fried kway tiao.

After which, we went into Zouk first, and i bumped into Ida, a long lost primary school friend. We had a lil chat and took a few photos together, exchangin MSN etc. It was nice. :)

Headed out to wait for Ben(val's bf) and Co. to arrive, as well as waiting for Clara to go in together too. :)

The guys could only stay in Zouk, whereas the rest of us went to Phuture first. Fortunately, Clara was there, and seriously, Phuture was damn packed, and we had a hard time squeezin into the dance floor or to anywhere.

We had a few separations in between, but Clara and Clarice stayed in Phuture most of the time, while Val, Jin and me hopped over to Zouk to find the guys. Bumped into quite a few friends, catchin up a lil with them, meet new friends, witnessed some fights/quarrels, and also, im glad Clara was there. Could see the rest enjoyed her company and it was definitely more enjoyable with her around. :)

Here are some pictures that we took.

A somehow group shot.

And so, we stayed till the club closed, which was about 4am. And Wei bin and Idol drove us all to Punggol to have supper session. Ended the night by sendin us all back to Jin's place.

Grandma went for an operation yesterday and i went to visit her at night with my family. Glad it all went successful. Dinner with the family after that at Wisma, and went to look for trish (working) and lene as they were at Wisma too, before heading home to take a rest.

Leney accompanied me there to see granny again today.
Hope granny will be back home soon. :)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And so, i went to Botak Jones today. We were clueless to where the place is initially, and with the aid of Clara, we got hold of the address and went there. Its at Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Block 608. Went there last Monday to find it closed, realised its closed every Monday. Heard that there's another branch at Clementi too.

As expected, the coffee shop (compared to last Mon when i went) was really crowded and almost all the tables were filled with Botak Jones's food. BBQ chicken wings from the other store were pretty nice too.

And so, there was a long queue at the Botak Jones stall as expected. And we gotten ourselves a receipt first.

The waiting time was stated there even.

Fortunately, we didnt wait as long as it was stated. During the wait, we realised the no of Botak Jones staff are actually more than the no of people working in the coffeeshop. They have approximately 10 staff working for Botak Jones. Perhaps they should consider shifting to a new place where they could own i guess.

So, sauces were placed on the table first to let us look at them during the long waiting time.

we had Cajun Chicken.

And Fish&Chips.

Well, the food was okay, not bad. Or perhaps i set my expectations too high maybe. There was like unlimited amount of Fries and coleslaw. But well, could try it out if you want. Price is pretty reasonable too.

Went to Dad's friend, Auntie MangYi's Shop- Pine's Garden, at Ang Mo Kio too as i wanna get the Oh-Neh-Oh-Neh from there. Heard from Trish that it's good. Didnt see Aunty MangYi for a couple of years and was surprised that she actually recognized me. Looks like i haven change much these years. ;)

And no doubts, the Oh-Neh-Oh-Nehs are really good, the coconut sauce inside are literally flowing out and the skin is really chewy. Cool. Rather reasonable too, 6 small ones for $1.50.

PS: Oh my, Results are gonna be out on Thursday.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
IT SHOW 2007

So, the IT show has ended.

Work was kinda tiring though we didn't have to do much, but i sorta enjoy wrkin there. Throughout the four days, saw people whom i've not seen for years, talked to people whom i seen before/know, but didn't thought that i'll talk to, saw friends whom i've lost contact with and catchin' them up a bit as well as meeting new people.
Appreciate those friends that came droppin by too. Glad to see them, to chat with them, and they seriously made work more enjoyable. ;)

My two colleagues, Amanda and Joscelin plus the staff there are all really friendly, and this added on to the enjoyment part of work.

Amanda, Me, Joscelin.

12th March
Lunchin was changed to a later timing as Gary had work before that, Steven was at pulau Ubin in the morning and could only rush down in the afternoon. So Val and i had lunch at FE, and did a lil shopping there before heading down to PS Starbucks for the meetup. (Gary has staff discount!)

We got our orders at Starbucks and Gary was off work by then. It was pretty hilarious to see Gary helpin us to get our orders and he just walked in and outta the back counter to warm up the muffin and get our drinks. It was like his second home though. Haha.

So, Steve brought his lappy and we got down to work and discussion. It was a kinda fruitful one and we are doin' up step by step on what we need to do, and will talk bout it at the next meetup. ;)

Right, gotta go. Ciaoz. :)

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Right, it has been near to two weeks since i've updated this space though. And i better do some now so that i could still keep track on what i've been up to for lookin back at the archives next time.

So, am wrking at the IT fair 2007 for the past two days, as well as the upcoming 2 days till Sunday. And i didn't know thumbdrives could go such low a price. Its only $23 for 1GB, some at $45 for 2GB, and from steve's nick, the latest promotion is $32.50 for 2GB. Wow, a pretty big difference though. 2GB thumbdrives were selling bout $90+ back then.

7th March 2007
Drivin lesson followed by Programme meetin in school plus lunchin with Val, Steven and Gary at Subway. Intended to go town with Val after lunch, but ended up sitting there for lets say, bout.. 3-4 hours? talkin non-stop and steve suggested some stuff and we actually came up with an idea for something. Well, we are gonna meet on this comin monday to talk bout it over lunch again. :)

Steve and Val.

Went to watch a Basketball match at Singapore Basketball Centre, SBC with Val and Ben in the evenin to watch Mitch's bball competition. His team played great and it got me quite excited at times, but well, you should see Val, she was really excited. ;)

6th March 2007
Yes, so i had my piano exam recently and met my parents for lunch after which and daddy brought us to Esplanade to dine in at some restaurant called Colours By The Bay.

The xiao long baos were good. But the wanton mee was rather tasteless. Bumped into Roger, didnt know he was wrking for the management side at the Italian restaurant opposite this restaurant.

So Apple and i met up after the lunch for a movie (our 2nd movie after so long) and plus a lil walk around town. :D

3rd March 2007
My sister's birthday plus a small BBQ at my area. Wanted to have the BBQ downstairs but it ended up rainin. We made do with the corridor in the end and it was a successful one though! We had the Chingay thingy at my area on this very day too. Cool. :)

2nd March 2007
Granny's Birthday (Mom's) and we went to a so called restaurant at some i-dont-know place. Food was okay but really expensive though.

1st March 2007
Exams OFFICIALLY ended. ;)
Met Leney up for a date to Vivocity as she needed to pass Candice some stuff. She went dating during the evenin while i headed down to Suntec to have dinner with trishie. A simple day but nice day indeed. :)

Oh wells, i gotta go already. Wrk tomorrow. Till then, Ciaos. :)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
I miss France.

Eiffel Towel

2nd storey of Eiffel Towel.

Eiffel Towel.

Far shot.


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